A Quick Bike Tour

Thrilled to do a quick bike tour with my daughter and a friend.  Even a short trip takes the same amount of gear and lots of planning.  And then of course, those plans get changed on the road. I absolutely LOVE my bike when…

On the Road….. for HOURS!

A week on the road…. It was a week of driving… some weeks are like that. I drove up to Albany — theoretically a 2 1/2 hour drive each way. Of course, it was longer.  It’s always longer than you think it will be….

The Rules of the Road, Bikes and Cars

Bikes are out on the road again! Its spring and the roads are beautiful.  Cyclists have pumped up their tires and dusted off their helmets and taken to the roads.  For drivers it means more to watch out for on the roads. The reality…

7 Ways to Practice Safety

When you ride a bike you want to be safe. Bicycle riders are a part of the traffic stream since more people ride bikes as a form of transportation. Here are seven ways to stay safe when you set out on your ride. 1….

Bike Maintenance

Taking Care of Your Bike: Bike Maintenance You know how to ride a bike but do you know how to diagnose a problem with one? Be sure that your bike is well tuned before you set off on your day of fun or exercise….