Cycling Goals for the Season

Have you set any goals for the season??

I have several!!

I would love to be able to ride a century (100 miles) but this year my goal is a metric century (62.5 miles) It’s more realistic right now. But you never know!!

I also want to ride several new event rides. Right now, we are scheduled for Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo (referral link) in Pennsylvania and Northwinds Gravel Classic in Tug Hill region in New York State. I also want to do a BikeADK — Bike the Barns, in the Adirondacks and the Grateful Dead ride in Vermont: Grateful Gravel!!

I am also working on hitting 100 miles in one week between inside riding and out. I come so close, but then I miss by a few miles. I track all of my miles between the two so any 7 day period counts. It doesn’t have to be a traditional Sun-Sat week. It could be Weds – Tues. So, at some point I will make it!! We need more long ride days.

And finally, I want to start using this platform to connect with more women riders, encourage each other and plan a few rides together!! Watch for the flyer in the Facebook group or on Instagram.

What are your plans for the season??

Let me know!! When you share your goals, they are more likely to happen!! It’s a pride thing. Not wanting to not do what we say we will do. So share them in the comments!!

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