Listen to Secrets from the Saddle Podcast

Excited to have been interviewed on Secrets from the Saddle podcast with Sylvie  D’Aoust. Fun interview and always great to talk about cycling!! Or listen to the podcast here:

Are You Cycling Savvy?

I thought I was! But after taking the Cycling Savvy course, I learned that there were things I wasn’t doing right!! I love riding on the road. I love the changes in terrain, what’s over the next hill, the new horizon…. I keep hearing…

Virtual Bike Summit

Join us this weekend, Sept 18–20 for a free @milesofportraits virtual summit celebrating the bicycle’s power to transform and free us. 🎟 Register to watch live or later: #CyclingWith #AdventureCycling #WorldByBike—

The Cycling Industry Pledge

236 Companies and counting have signed onto the Cycling Industry Pledge From the WTF Site: As leaders in the cycling industry, we are responsible for making our workplaces, communities, and world genuinely inclusive. The Cycling Industry Pledge (CIP) holds companies accountable to advance diversity,…

Cycling on the Road

We love road biking.  And now, instead of riding tandems with kids on back, they are on their own bikes. Every year, I think I write this article.  And here I am again.  Just after a ride with our kids, having cars behave badly….

Basic and advanced items of cycling equipment

Finding Advanced Cycling Equipment For advanced safety and maximum competition results, any biker needs to have a complete cycling equipment, starting from great shoes with carbon soles to the cap and the glasses that protect him or her from too intense sun light. Some…

Feel the spirit of adventure cycling

Bicycle Touring, Adventure Cycling — the Spirit of the Open Road Adventure cycling is among one of the most popular non-conformist ways of spending a holiday. Some people go for a hike, some others choose tracking, mountain climbing or lying on a sunny beach,…