Cycling on the Road

We love road biking.  And now, instead of riding tandems with kids on back, they are on their own bikes.

Every year, I think I write this article.  And here I am again.  Just after a ride with our kids, having cars behave badly.

It is simple.

We do everything that we can to stay safe. We ride inside the white line, whenever there is room. We ride straight.  We work to communicate what we are going to do.

Cars — need to give us room!  3-4 feet.  The car doesn’t have to cross the double yellow line just hug it. The key is that the car needs to WAIT until it is safe to pass.  This is the biggest challenge that we see with cars. They DO NOT wait!  Sit behind us. Don’t pass us on a hill or a curve or whenever it would be UNSAFE. Sit behind us! Wait.  it is not worth killing us so that you can get wherever it is you need to get to.

Be kind to cyclists.  Be patient.  Give way! Do NOT hurry to get by.  Just wait!!

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