5 Buying Tips for Buying a Bike

5 Tips for Buying a Bike – The Perfect Bicycle Buying a bike might sound easy, but there can be more to it than you might first imagine. Bicycle riding is a great way to spend time with the family and to get exercise….

Types of Bicycles

Who knew that there were so many choices for bicycles? When you were a kid, you got the shiny pink one with streamers or the blue one with racing stripes. Both had training wheels and a mom attached to keep you from falling. For…

Bike Accessories

Bike Accessories: 5 Gadgets for the Road If there’s one thing that we like its gadgets. Gadgets make our lives easier to manage. When you bike ride, gadgets are both necessary and fun. Here are some must-have gadgets for the bike rider. Where are…

Anatomy of a Bicycle

Its always interesting to know how things work. With bicycles, knowing how they work can help you when it comes time to fix yours. The workings of all bicycles are basically the same. What differ are the materials used to build the parts. 1….

Choosing a Bicycle Seat

Bike riding can be fun but that fun will become irrelevant if you are uncomfortable. The one part of the bicycle that riders complain about most is the seat. If the butt is not feeling good, nothing else matters. When you buy a bicycle,…