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Bike Accessories: 5 Gadgets for the Road

If there’s one thing that we like its gadgets. Gadgets make our lives easier to manage. When you bike ride, gadgets are both necessary and fun. Here are some must-have gadgets for the bike rider.

Where are you going to ride your bike? Maybe you can ride through the trails for hours on end seeing the land. Your accessories will differ slightly from someone who rides for 45 minutes through the neighborhood or goes to the park for a leisurely ride with the family.

1. Bike rack. If you want to explore different locations, you’ll need some way to get your bike there besides riding it. Your bike rack needs to be able to carry more than one bike especially if you ride with family. For competitors, you can bring a spare bike for practice or in case of problems. What you are looking for is one that secures the bikes without too much wiggling of the wheels or handlebars. If you choose a rack that sits on top of your car remember the increased height when going under overpasses or through tunnels.

2. Bike computer. Some might argue how helpful this is but if you like to track your progress it is a useful tool. These computers track mileage, trip time, clock time and speed to name a few. You can go simple or fancy depending on the stats you want to measure.

3. Water bottle clip. Many bikes come standard with this but if not, add one. Just as with any other form of exercise you need to stay hydrated. If you were ever in an accident, water will come in handy.

4. Bike pedal clips. Bike clips keep you your foot from slipping when you ride. For a casual rider, the clips may frighten them because it increases your reaction time when trying to stop. You have to slide your foot out of the clip before touching down. During a long ride, the clips can give tired feet a rest.

5. Bike panniers. This is the bag for your bike to carry necessary items. On a long rigorous ride or a family ride, this bag can be stocked with a first aid kit, took kit, snacks, a jacket and your cell phone. Wearing a purse or other bag prone to shifting can unbalance you and cause an accident. Using this accessory frees you up to move easily and also gives you a place to store things you want to carry with you.

Want to trick out your bike? Here are a few suggestions for accessories that come in handy. There are more to choose from for fun if you want convenience.

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