Spinning: Stationary Cycling for Fitness

Maybe you want to ride a bicycle but don’t have anywhere to ride. An alternative is to take a spinning class. Spinning is the popular exercise class that uses a stationary bicycle to burn the fat and build muscle.

Spinning took off in a big way a several years ago. It took bike riding to an all new level. Even if you didn’t own a bike, you could get the benefit of bike riding along with the excitement of an exercise class to keep you from being bored with it.

In a spinning class, riders use stationary cycles to complete a 45 minute to an hour routine. You can do the same thing on a recumbent bike or a stationary bike on the gym floor cant you? Not exactly. This class uses different techniques to pump up the heart rate and the fun which you wont get on the gym floor.

Spinning is a fitness class to make cycling work to build a leaner body and stronger heart and lungs. The cycle used is more like a road bike in the frame. The seats are adjustable so you can find the right distance for you between the seat and the bike pedals. The pedals are equipped with bike clips to keep your feet from slipping and causing you to bang your ankles or Achilles heel.

Some studios use a simulated road trip to engage riders. Its like you are actually biking up hills and around steep turns. The setup here would be for the instructor to be in front of the riders going the same way so that they can watch her and the screen.

Other spinning classes use the same setup as in an aerobics class. The instructor is out in front facing you. The music is used to keep the beat and maintain focus.

How is spinning beneficial? The instructor doesn’t just let you ride leisurely through the hour but will have you tighten the tension on the bike for uphill riding and standing squats. As a kid it was nothing to stand up on the pedals and tackle the big hill. Its a bit harder now but a spinning class builds strong leg muscles with standing squats and intervals involving sprinting on and off the seat.

One advantage of spinning class is that you can work the arms while pedaling. Using the arms in a workout increases the heart rate even more for fat burning. And, you don’t have to watch out for traffic.

If you cycle for fun but want to take it to another level, sign up for a spinning class. Your lower body will thank you.

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