Winter Cycling Gloves for Cold Weather Riding

winter cycling glovesStay Warm When You Are Out On The Road —

Winter Cycling Gloves Can Help!

Bikers know how difficult it is to keep the most exposed body parts warm while riding hands and feet are the first to need protection during cold weather and Nike cycling apparel items could be the right choice for you.  Winter cycling gloves are an essential for true winter riding.

Nike thermal gloves could make a great choice to help protect your hands from the cold bite yet, when choosing a model, it is good to take into consideration the warmth of your hands first and foremost. A biker with very warm hands is exposed to overheating and sweating, therefore, only choose a Nike cycling gloves model if you think it suits your physical structure.  Look at different weight gloves based on your body and your needs.

Winter cycling gloves are a personal choice.

For people with a more cold-sensitive type of skin, fleece gloves can be a good option. The models also have a reflective pattern that makes them visible at night in case you have to ride after dark. Glove liners could also be used in order to achieve the same level of warmth and protection as you enjoy on the other body parts such as torso, arms and legs. A good point with these cycling items is that they are very often multi-functional, meaning that you’ll be able to use the same gloves on other conditions than when riding.

It’s a combination of warmth and wind protection.  Selecting the right glove for you may take some time.  Evaluate where you will be riding and the type of weather you will be in.  How long will you be out on the road?  This can affect the right winter cycling glove selection as well.  It seems simple at first and then, once you get into the details it becomes a bit more complicated. But, if you are like me, you don’t want to be cold or risk a cold related injury, so make purchasing good gear for your winter cycling season.

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